See the BORING VERSION of this video.

Face it, the videos and websites you see are boring. You know that animated graphic effects will jazz them up and get you the attention you deserve. But when you search for a company to do the animation, you learn that they cost BIG BUCKS and can take WEEKS to be completed!

The wizards at Creative Graphic Effects can animate lettering, line art, and images for a fraction of the cost of other studios, AND get you your finished graphics in days instead of weeks!

We assume you know how to assemble a video. Our job is to jazz up your content. We do this in three ways – text, line art, and images.

For Text, just send us what you want to say, choose a font, color, size and hand style and we’ll send you a movie of the hand drawing your letter so you can insert it into the video you’re creating.

For Line Art Drawings, pick an image – either one you’ve drawn yourself, or something you’ve purchased on an images website (YOU’RE responsible for making sure you have rights to use your image!) and pick a hand style, and we’ll send you a movie showing the hand drawing your image.

For Full Color Images, send us the image and we’ll send back a movie of the image being revealed. You choose the method.

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