Would you spend $15 per month to save hundreds or even thousands on healthcare? See the power of telemedicine!

Would you spend $15 per month to save hundreds or even thousands on healthcare? See the power of telemedicine!

September 2014

Changing Healthcare
Changing Lives


Anywhere! Anytime!

Work | Home

 Travel | College


Quantifiable Savings


HealthiestYou Doctors can treat hundreds of minor non-emergency medical conditions.

Where will you go?  What will you pay?



 ER = $345 | Doctor Office =  $97   | HY = $0 

Acute Bronchitis

 ER = $595 | Doctor Office = $127  | HY = $0 


ER = $400 | Doctor Office = $110 | HY = $0

Strep Throat
ER = $531  | Doctor Office = $110 | HY = $0

“The average telehealth doctor

visit is nearly four times longer

than a traditional doctor visit

and 10% to 25% of the actual cost.”



Give us 4 minutes and 22 seconds and we will  change the way you think about healthcare…

Video7 2                                                              
… and then we will save you time, money and put you in charge of your health.

“I’m amazed,” said Rachel Alspaugh. “I’m simply amazed.” 
(ABC News below)

$15.00 Per Month Covers Your Whole Family!

No Consultation Fee!  No Other Cost!

No Obligation!


70% of all ER, Urgent Care and Doctor Office visits can be easily and safely handled over the phone.”  

Wellness Council of America


“We’re realizing that the majority of people’s appointments with doctors are for things that could be done online.” 

Former Apple CEO John Sculley


“It really is mobile – you could be on the train or at the beach and get the

treatment that you need.” 

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

(Verizon Expands Access to Medical Care for Patients with ‘Verizon Virtual Visits’ (June 25, 2014)


When To Use Our Doctors

Your primary care physician is not available and you can’t wait

If you’re considering the ER or Urgent Care for a non-emergency medical issue


To avoid the high cost, long waits and exposure to germs in an ER, Urgent Care or Doctors Office


Request prescriptions or to get refills


Traveling and in need of medical care


During or after normal business hours, nights, weekends and even holidays


You can’t leave work or home


For second opinions


For non-emergency medical questions

About Our Doctors

  • Our provider network is comprised of physicians Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics
  • State-licensed to practice in your state, US Board Certified, and credentialed using NCQA and URAC guidelines
  • 15 years average practice experience
  • Telehealth specialized training in talking with and diagnosing patients over the phone and online video, while adhering to strict clinical protocols
  • All encounters are digitally archived with the highest level of security and only accessible by the patient and practitioner.

Have Questions?


            Bill Peterson
               A Proven Healthcare Cost Savings Leader
               Zane Benefits Consultant
               Local: 704-847-3314
               Toll Free: 1-888-881-9272
               E-mail: bill@lowestcosthealthplans.com
               Building Solid Long Term Relationships with
               Our Customer Since 1993 is Everything


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Physician Access

24/7 physician access via phone, email, or video

2,300 U.S. based Board-certified physicians who can diagnose, treat & prescribe medications

No obligation!

No consultation fees!

No Other Costs!

Member Health Portal

Prescription savings

Electronic Medical Records

Did You Know?

Save up to 85% on medications … Beats co-pays 7 out of 10 times


Average call back time

from a doctor …

| 11 minutes

| 30% under 2 minutes

| Guaranteed under 3 hours


Healthiest You has the largest telehealth network in the country with all board-certified physicians?


Member satisfaction rating = 97%


93% of calls result in diagnosis

and treatment with no further

action required

95% would recommend the service



Learn how Healthiest You can help rescue your out of control healthcare costs!


Average claims reduction per

employer group = 32%


20x Higher Reduction in Claims

compared to competitors


Member satisfaction rating = 97%


Employer group renewal rate = 97%


93% of calls result in diagnosis

and treatment with no further

action required


Healthiest You Shatters Telehealth

Industry With Average

Utilization of 39.76% in 2013!

Personalized Wellness




wellness program

Smarter- with-use online

member health platform

Clinically-validated through

Stanford Medical School

Improves Weight,

Stress, Blood Pressure,

Mood & More!

For College Students

Member CardHow comforting would it be to know that they had  24/7 access to a doctor who could diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications over the phone.  No need for the cost or inconvenience of the school clinic, urgent care or ER.  We can also save them up to 85% on medications.  

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