How to Manage Your Project

How to Manage Your Project

Did you know that videos are the fastest growing format on the Internet?

You might have a slide show of your family trip to the Everglades, a sales video introducing a new product, a logo you’d like to animate for your website, or a video you’d like to jazz up and post on YouTube. Or you might want to turn your so-so website into an all video powerhouse. Hiring a professional company to do this for you can cost at least $1,500 per movie and take four to six weeks to arrive.

But if you know the basics of combining elements together on standard video editing software, you can do this for a fraction of what a big company would charge, and be finished in a day or two!

Your goal is to tell a compelling story while making the visual elements come alive using Creative Graphic Effects. Then put it all together using your software. Use your program’s effects to slow down or speed up your various parts, zoom in or out, pause, etc. You can add a voiceover and a soundtrack.

So how do you manage a project?

Just follow these five simple steps…

1. Collect the visual elements you are going to use. Text, Line Art, or Full Color photos. You might also want to include other video footage.

2. Decide the creative graphic effects you will want to use for each element such as the drawing pen or brush style and element length.

3. Decide if you want to record your voice narrating your video. There are a lot of great programs you can use, or you can hire a professional.

4. Find the appropriate music if you want some in the background.

5. Then place your order with Creative Graphic Effects. You need different forms to show the options you’ll want for text, line art and color images. Your options are explained on the Text, Line Art and Full Color Image pages.

Because we’ll need to keep careful track of all your static elements we require you to submit one form for each one.

Count the total number of elements and use the drop down menu on the Buy Now page to get a volume discount and pay for your order.

Our wizard will generate your animated effects for each element and email them back to you in a day or two. Put them together using your video editing software and you’re done – at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else!

And remember, if we get one wrong, we’ll revise it at no extra charge.

On this page we’ll be posting training videos on how to manage some of the most common video projects and show some examples.

How to Manage a Slide Show Video

If you have some photos or a series of movie clips you’d like to make into a video adding some creative graphic effects can turn boring into interesting in just a few steps.

1. Gather your video clips or photos together and decide what order they should go in.

2. Decide if you’d like to start your video with line art, text or an image.

3. Choose the text you’d like to put at various parts of the slide show. Select the effects like duration, brush styles, fonts, etc. Fill out a separate form for each text.

4. Fill out an order form for each full color image. Decide on the drawing style and clip duration.

5. Record your audio – if you want. Find background music – if you want.

6. When you get your images back from us, use your video editing software to assemble your video in the right order, add the audio and background music. Feel free to use various features of your software to zoom in or out of various images, slow down or speed up the various clips as needed, to match the video to your voiceover.


How to Animate a Logo

Your company logo is probably very snappy, but it would be even more interesting if you could show the logo being drawn as a video clip.

1. Fill out an order form for each full color logo image. Decide on the drawing style and clip duration.

2. When you get your images back from us, you could post it on your website, or use it at the beginning or end of every video you make. You can even use it in powerpoint presentations!

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